In-Office Whitening

Our in office whitening procedure is safe and performed routinely.  The process begins by us establishing your baseline tooth color. An assortment of colored tabs will be compared against your teeth. This way, we can record precisely how stained your teeth are before the process, and define the effectiveness of the teeth whitening procedure based on the number of shades your teeth improve by. Then a short preparation to cover lips and gums is done, leaving the teeth exposed so that the high concentration peroxide gel does not touch your gums.

The whitening gel is then applied to your teeth. This gel will sit for approximately 15 minutes and is repeated 3 times. At the end of each 15 minute session, the whitening gel is completely removed from the teeth and a fresh coat of gel is reapplied. This is done because most whitening gels contain hydrogen peroxide which works quickly and then usually stops working after 15-20 minutes. The entire whitening process will take about 1 ½ hours.

After the whitening process is completed, a paste is applied to your teeth to help decrease the amount of sensitivity you will experience. This will take approximately 15 minutes as well.


For best results, a thorough teeth cleaning is recommended prior to a whitening session.  Clinical studies conducted with patients have resulted in an average shade change of eight shades in one office visit. These results can last anywhere from 6 months to as long as 1-2 years.


To keep teeth looking their best after a whitening treatment, it is recommended that patients maintain proper oral hygiene by flossing and brushing twice a day.  Also keeping up with your regular dental hygiene visits are a necessity to keeping your smile at its best!

How Many In-Office Whitening Treatments Will I Need?

For most patients, depending on drinking staining beverages such as coffee and wine, smoking cigarettes, or just simply due to age, they will be able to achieve dramatically whiter teeth with  a single visit.  The number of treatments needed to achieve the smile you want will depend upon the individualized plan that was made for you by our staff.

If you have any further questions regarding our in-office whitening or other procedures to improve your smile, please ask the dentist or any of our staff at Riverstone Dental.