So you’ve lost a tooth… no big deal. You can still chew pretty well, and the gap doesn’t show that much, right? Actually, the loss of even one tooth has several consequences, none of which is good for the teeth that are still in your mouth.

Teeth are not set in concrete. They are attached to the jawbone by a thin membrane and depend on each other for stability. When one is removed, the other ones no longer have it to keep them in proper position. These remaining teeth begin to tip and drift, searching for another tooth to lean on or bite against, and eventually this movement will lead to decay, gum disease, and the loss of other teeth. Each of your teeth depends on the others to help you eat and speak. So, when one or more are damaged, the health of the other teeth may be threatened. It may become hard for you to chew, or the appearance of your smile may change. A fixed bridge can help restore your mouth to its normal function.

a bridge

If you have any further questions regarding bridges or other procedures to improve your smile, please ask the dentist or any of our staff at Riverstone Dental.