Our Holistic Dental Practice

Holistic dentistry is an attitude that guides all facets of our dental practice. Combining natural alternatives with modern dentistry provides you with treatments that improve your teeth, mouth and overall health. Our holistic approach to dentistry goes beyond oral health. We design treatments to improve your total body wellness.

Oxygen/Ozone Therapy

Oxygen/Ozone therapy enhances the outcome in all aspects of dentistry. Ozone is infused in water or oil to treat and destroy bacteria, viruses and fungi. Ozone therapy also leads to the oxygenation of the tissue and promotes a healing response in the body.

Ozone therapy can have the following benefits during treatments at our clinic:

  • Periodontal Disease – eliminate the need for prescription drugs
  • Decay or Dental Caries – kills bacteria below the gumline, into the grooves of the teeth and over the smooth surfaces.
  • Sensitivity – recalcifies tooth structure to reduce sensitivity
  • Oral Surgery – irrigates, disinfects and promotes healing of tissue

Digital X-rays

Transitioning to digital x-rays has significantly reduced radiation exposure for our patients. Digital x-rays use 80-90% less radiation compared to traditional dental x-rays.

Natural Alternatives

Our office is a fluoride-free clinic.

We provide alternatives to prevent your exposure to the potential adverse health effects of fluoride. We use purified water that has been ozonated throughout the clinic.

We are a non-toxic mercury free practice.  

This means we do not use amalgam fillings and use bio compatible materials when possible. We practice mercury-safe dentistry to ensure that if you need an old amalgam filling removed, our specialized equipment will minimize your exposure to mercury during the removal.

If you are concerned about mercury toxicity, we can discuss detox options to restore your health.

Creating Healthy Smiles Throughout Alberta

Even though our clinic is located in the heart of central Alberta in Red Deer, patients travel to our clinic from as far away as Edmonton and Calgary to experience our natural, healthy, holistic approach to their dental treatments.


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